Behind The Scenes With Te Akau TV - Episode 1 Te Akau Stud

Date: 8 Sep 2021

Behind The Scenes With Te Akau TV - Episode 1 Te Akau Stud

There are two sides to Te Akau New Zealand operation - Te Akau Stud and Te Akau Racing. Based in the western heart of the Waikato is a small rural community called Te Akau, which is where Te Akau Stud is based - and as you will see in our first episode of ‘Behind the Scenes With Te Akau TV’ it is an absolute horse heaven that we want to share with you. 

Te Akau Stud is a special part of how Te Akau Racing works - the property comprises over 4000 acres, of which 1000 acres is specifically fenced for horses. For well over 40 years Te Akau principal David Ellis has been uncompromising in his nurturing of the land to produce pasture second to none. With large paddocks allowing all horses to run freely and develop naturally in a magnificent environment it’s a property that is fully utilised by the team for breaking, pre-training, training and spelling horses, alongside its successful sheep and cattle operation.

Let’s go on a tour and learn about the background of Te Akau Stud in the first episode of our Behind The Scenes With Te Akau TV series. 


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