Italian TV Channel Interviews Karyn

Date: 26 May 2020

Italian TV Channel Interviews Karyn

Recently, Te Akau's Karyn Fenton-Ellis MNZM was asked to make a guest appearance last week on an Italian television interview for a short segment to discuss women in leadership - are women shaping the response to COVID-19 among was one topic other general leadership questions.

The interview came about due to Karyn's international leadership experience as only the second woman in the history of Junior Chamber International (JCI - or Jaycees as it was formerly known) to be elected to the position of World Preisdent. She was elected to serve as the global leader in Cannes, France in 1999, assuming office for the year 2000.

"It was a little while since I had been back on television and was very unusual to be the interviewee rather than the interviewer. Reminding me of my time as JCI World President - I had to be strict on myself not to speak too quickly (as is often the case when I am enthusiastic about a topic!!) - always give the translator a chance - not a problem!!"

The interview was scheduled to run for approximately seven to eight minutes but was a little longer. Filmed and broadcast last Thursday ... here's the broadcast with apologies for the internet link which wasn't the best across the world that night ...


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