It's Your Last Call! Plus A Friday Funny For You

Date: 1 Jul 2022

It's Your Last Call! Plus A Friday Funny For You

We're all set and ready for the Te Akau Soiree on Saturday 13 August - SYNCHRONIZE your diary now! BUBBLES AWAIT!

BELIVE IT OR NOT the evening is almost a sell-out.  We're virtually at capacity as fewer than 20 tickets remain - it will be a BOOMER evening to be enjoyed by all. Make sure you tell your friends if they were planning on joining us they are now PLAYING WITH FIRE if they are leaving tickets to the last minute.

We're really looking forwards to an evening ON THE BUBBLES, there will be PRIMO VINO, some AROMATIC like SAVY YONG BLONK or perhaps a MAI TAI or two, so be READY TO DRINK.

SANS DOUTE the KAI will be fabulous, and we will EMBELLISH the event with an auction where you can CERTAINLY be XTRAVAGANT and SPLURGE for EquiPotential our charity.

MY LIPS ARE SEALED but we will have some STAR POWER for your evening - more that just RARE COMPANY, it will be MARVELOUZ.

The FESTIVITY will continue with music if you PREFER TO PLAY and enjoy some ROCK 'N' POP as you SPIN 'N GRIN to a SWING NOTE.

NEEDLESS TO SAY it will be a WILD NIGHT so get that OUTFIT organised! Who will be the BELLE OF THE BALL? or COOL AZA BEELSOPHISTICARDO might even hear a WOLFWHISTLE or two!

We really do think you should join us - it's the PERFECT SCENARIO!  TIME FLIES so when the night ends, you will likely be ROMANCING THE MOON, or the STAR IN THE SKY.

IT'S BUSINESS TIME so please come along  as we do need to confirm all numbers within a few weeks - we're not trying to be A LITTLE BIT BOSSY we just want everyone to enjoy the evening along side us!


The Te Akau Team

PS the words in capitals are names of some of our beloved horses!

Email [email protected] to secure your tickets or simply fill out our online form by clicking here.


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