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Te Akau: $1 million in Stakes Already

24 Mar 2013

Te Akau: $1 million in Stakes Already

Te Akau Singapore has broken $1 million in stakes’ earnings in only 10 weeks.

David writes:

The racing season in Singapore starts on 1 January and after just 10 weeks, Te Akau Singapore has already won over $1 million in stakes for our owners!  Singapore really is one country in the world where you can make money out of racing horses – and our owners who race horses there are over the moon.

Tonight in Singapore we have 11 runners and at $900 per runner for the owners that means that they receive $10,000 before we even start.  One of our best chances is Flying Fulton who has won over $1.3 million in Singapore – I bought him at the Ready to Run Sale for $210,000.

This time of the year is my favourite – beautiful weather each day – the horses simply love it.  I love showing our new owners around the farm (great to meet a super young couple Rob and Emma who came to see the new filly they have a share in this morning) and we are so fortunate that we are much greener than most other places and have plenty of grass for our stock.

On Friday Alan Radford bought me some steers that were the best buying I have seen in years – a truck and trailer of hereford steers weighing about 425 kgs.  We are now fully stocked for the winter and won’t need to buy any more stock until August/September.

This afternoon Karyn travels to Wellington to MC an all-day racing conference tomorrow and I have my eldest daughter Jo, who is a primary school teacher in Auckland, and her partner Leon coming to the farm – Leon wants me to show him around the farm as it is his first visit.

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