"Te Akau Lockdown Love"

Date: 14 Apr 2020

Welcome to Day 14 of our feature - as our world around us changes indelibly, we want to bring some smiles and sunshine every day - yes a small distraction but it does everyone good to be able to smile when times are tough.

Well as they say "if it's good enough for the cat, it is good enough for the dog(s)!!" We therefore cannot allow Te Akau's "Lockdown Love" to only feature resident felines!

Meet today's "Lockdown Love" resident of Te Akau Stud - Molly Fenton-Ellis (according to David that's her surname)! She's also known, variously and situation dependent, as:

Molly Ellis, Meme, Moll, Molly Bean, Moll Moll, Beanie, Princess and Moll the Troll! Alpha Dog, Queen of the Pack, Boss Lady, Bolshy Britches!

Molly is a rising 11 year old soft coated Irish wheaten terrier with a heap of heart and a ton of attitude to balance it!! She knows what she wants, when she wants it, why she wants it, how she wants it and who she wants it from!

Molly is very territorial, and doesn't like welcoming any other canine on to "her patch" - they will soon know that SHE is Queen Bee here and just who the boss is! As for the rescue cats - well that's a WHOLE other story - how COULD her human mother bring feline specimens home is a question that torments this terrier every single day!


When she came to Te Akau all those years ago, Molly could fit into Karyn's hand - a scurrilous and wayward puppy, she has never been devoid of personality and opinion - like all our Te Akau women - ha ha!

As the saying goes - "without my dogs my lawn would be green, my wallet would be full but my heart would be empty"!!

Her wagging tail is a friendly reminder of the good things in life - love and loyalty - sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest space in your heart!




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