Te Akau Midweek Trackwork

Date: 22 May 2024

Te Akau Midweek Trackwork

Te Akau NZ trackwork highlights - Wednesday 22 May -

Number 2 Sand:

Stonybreck (D Montes de Oca) worked over 1000 metres at three-quarter pace in 1.12.6, home in 42.1.

Course Proper:

Kabugee (T Melvin) worked in company over 1000 metres in 1.15.6, home in 40.71.

Zantabulous (T Melvin) and Devoted (D Miller) worked over 1400m, galloping the last 1200 metres in 1.32.4 and home in 40.76.

Star Shadow (N Parmar) and Accidental Tourist (J Allen) worked over 1200 metres in 1.31.43, home in 40.89.

Polly Plum (N Parmar) worked over 1000 metres in 1.17.2, home in 42.6.

Luxuriant (J Allen) worked over 1000 metres in 1.17.89, home in 42.7.


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