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Te Akau Midweek Update

20 May 2020

Te Akau Midweek Update

David writes:

There is a saying that it’s never easy to make a farmer happy, and I can honestly agree that there is some truth in that statement!

For the last week, we have had the most beautiful spell of Autumn weather and while we have plenty of green grass and the stock are thriving, we still need the rain. I never believed that I would be saying that at the end of May.

But on the plus side, our stock – sheep, cattle and horses – just love this beautiful weather.

We had our final lamb draft for the year and Alan Radford, our stock agent, said he had never drafted such conditioned tail-end lambs – he thought they would kill out at just on 20kg. 

Our next big job with the sheep is to scan all our ewes. They are drafted three ways – the empty ewes that are not in-lamb go to the freezing works, then we have ewes with twins and ewes that carry a single lamb.

We have also now finished weighing and drenching cattle and have them all set for winter. This year, we are wintering 2280 steers and they have just weighed an average of 32kg each heavier than last year – this bodes incredibly well for the Spring.

I am also amazed how well the horses have conditioned whilst spelling in the last couple of months. Our horses just love the fine weather and I am predicting Te Akau trained horses to have a vintage season once Spring racing is underway – they have just thrived!

We have broken in and educated some beautiful yearlings this season, easily the best that I can remember. All of the yearlings from the sales have now been broken in, with the final small group to head to the stable on Friday. Within a couple of weeks, all will be in (or have been in) will the stable undertaking their first preparation.

Today, several of our talented Spring horses are going back into training after enjoying a decent spell, including Need I Say More, Avantage, Festivity, Savy Yong Blonk, Prise de Fer, Star of Bombay and Bordeaux Le Rouge. 

I am really looking forward to seeing how they progress this season. 

The countdown is on, as there are only five more weeks to go until we start racing again soon – and I really can’t wait.

Have a great week and …


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