Te Akau NZ Thursday Trackwork

Date: 1 Feb 2024

Te Akau NZ Thursday Trackwork

Te Akau NZ track work highlights – Thursday 1 February - 


Vivacious (T Melvin) galloped 1000 metres in 1.12.3, home in 40.5.

My Lips Are Sealed (U Holmquist) worked at three-quarter pace over 1200 metres in 1.26.3, home in 41.2.

Captured By Love (O Bosson) and The Sky Above (A Handley) galloped 1000 metres in 1.08.2, home in 39.1.

Kansas Storm (A Gujar) worked over 800 metres, home in 36.2.

Quintessa (O Bosson) and Tightly Laced (A Gujar) galloped over 1000 metres in 1.09.24, home in 39.41.

Certainly (O Bosson) galloped over 1000 metres in 1.14.4, home in 43.89.

Fierce Flight (N Parmar) and Campionessa (O Bosson) galloped 1200 metres in 1.22.9, home in 38.27.

Francee (N Parmar) and Akenehi (J Allen) worked over 1000 metres in 1.08.9, home in 39.7.

Move To Strike (R Sheehan) and 2g Vanbrugh - Thetruthisoutthere (T Melvin) worked over 800 metres in 55.4, home the last 600 metres in 41.29.

 All Weather:

Firriato (U Holmquist) galloped over an easy 1000 metres in 1.04.18, home in 36.46.

Court Of Appeal (A Gujar) and Inspired By Art (O Bosson) galloped over 1200 metres in 1.20.8, home in 38.1.


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