Te Akau Racing NZTR Award for Contribution to Media, Digital Content 2019-20 Submission

Date: 14 Oct 2020

Te Akau Racing NZTR Award for Contribution to Media, Digital Content 2019-20 Submission

Julia-Rose writes:

It was a great thrill that Te Akau Racing was the recipient of the NZTR Award for Contribution to Media, Digital & Content. I would like to take this opportunity to to thank everyone for all of the kind words I have received. In fact the very first congratulatory text I received was from veteran racing writer, and someone I have always admired, Dennis Ryan - which means a lot to me as he is a legend in racing media circles. I would also like to thank the Te Akau team as this award was also due to the efforts of David Ellis, Karyn Fenton-Ellis, Mark Walker of whom I manage his communications from Singapore, Jamie Richards, Jeff Dore and Kate Belsham. 

As background - nominations are called for this award and you are able to self-nominate - entry is open to all journalists, broadcasters, writers, photographers and content producers (including social media), living in New Zealand. Entrants have to submit a portfolio of at least three, but no more than five, racing related stories or content pieces with supporting paragraphs. The judging of this award is by the NZTR Board.

We were thrilled to be presented with this award at our Te Akau Season Celebration via the virtual broadcast of the NZTR Horse of the Year Awards by NZTR CEO Bernard Saundry. I also wish to congratulate the NZTR Marketing team for putting on a great live broadcast under testing worldwide circumstances. A broadcast of that scale is no mean feat and I thought it was fantastic to see the level of detail that still so professionally delivered all industry participants with the awards' ceremony - it was very well received at our function on Sunday. 

Our aim at Te Akau in relation to our media and content is to promote racing to mainstream audiences to encourage new participation. We need more eyeballs on our sport so hence we produce innovative content to capture and raise public attention - whether amazing performances by our horses, the huge interest in stable stars or the drive and commitment of our team - we have plenty of stories to tell.

I am pleased to share the submission with you that I put together for the award - it breaks down areas of our media, digital and content activity and you can see some of the projects that Te Akau has undertaken over the past 12 months, together with the results this has generated in terms of viewership through our digital channels. 

It is great that this award has evolved over the years and is very contemporary with all types of current media.  Being able to strive for an award like this, encourages all racing participants, stables and industry businesses to find innovative ways to generate awareness within mainstream audiences and help promote racing to the wider New Zealand public. Digital channels are great vehicle to deliver this message at low cost. 

As always, I'm happy to share my thoughts with industry participants - I was proud that NZTR acknowledged the hard work that Te Akau and all of our team members do behind the scenes tom promote interest and involvement in our great industry.

We're looking forward to a fresh look for our 2020/2021 season so keep your eyes out for some exciting new action from the 'tangerine team'. 

Thank you for your ongoing support for the team - GO THE TANGERINE!  


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