Te Akau Saturday Trackwork

Date: 2 Nov 2013

Te Akau Saturday Trackwork

Te Akau track work Saturday November 2


2 November trackwork 2

Scheduled to race on Nov. 6 at Paeroa, Cold Snap (Dee) and Secret Whisper (Miller) came from the 1200 metres at three-quarter pace and ran home the final 600 metres in 36.8.

Scheduled to race on Nov. 8 at Rotorua, Clos De Tart (Dee) and Peerage (Hercock - below) worked over 1200 metres, last 600m 37.7.


Preparing for quiet trials on Wednesday Nov. 13 at Cambridge, Fast Fiction (Dee - below right) and Rapid Gain (Miller - below left) came from the 1000 metres at three-quarter pace and ran home the final 600 metres in 37.4. Over 1200 metres, Cajero (Dee) and Red on Black (Hercock) ran the last 600m in 37.8.


Trialling at Cambridge: In solo work from the 1000 metres, Precious Time (Hercock) came home in 38. Similarly, Stylee (Ellis - below) worked home in 37.4.


Maestro (Ellis - left first picture below) clocked 38.2, and Highly Likely (Dee - right first picture below) 38 for the last 600 metres. Show No Emotion (Lang - third picture below and left second picture below) and 4 g Darci Brahma - Royal Rhythm (Miller - right second picture below) covered the final 600 metres in 36.7.



Lilly 2 Nov

Hardcore Rock (below) worked over 1000 metres, last 600m in 36.5. Ruthless Lady (Myers) did similar work in 36.8.


Prospero (Hercock), Sovereign Rose (Lang - below) and Sunset Pass (Dee) each worked solo over 1400 metres at three-quarter pace. O'Darci (Miller) did similar work over 1000 metres, as did Bronte Lass (Miller).


800 metres three-quarter pace:

Seline (Hercock) and Sky Music (Lang), 3 f Volksraad - Rapida (Ellis) worked solo, as did 3 f Guillotine - Greta Hall (Miller - below), 3 g Keeper - Alicante Bouchet. Merrily (Dee - right, second picture below) and Tiara (Hercock - left, second picture below) were paired in their work.




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