Te Akau Tuesday Trackwork

Date: 28 May 2024

Te Akau Tuesday Trackwork

Te Akau NZ trackwork highlights - Tuesday 28 May - 

No.2 sand:

Kabugee (R Sheehan) and Stonybreck (T Melvin) worked over 1000 metres in 1.07.4, home in 38.64.

Stage ā€™Nā€™ Screen (J Allen) and Moon Rocket (D Miller) worked over 1000 metres in 1.12.17, home in 40.43.

Beveragino (J Allen) and Jewel In The Crown (S Hussain) worked over 1000 metres in 1.13.26, home in 40.25.

Sybaris (N Parmar) and Wish Come True (A Azlan) worked over 1000 metres in 1.07.5, home in 37.46.

Hayate (N Parmar) worked over 1200 metres in 1.28.4, home in 39.87.

All Weather:

Luxuriant (J Allen) worked over 800 metres in 58.8, home in 41.9.


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