Te Akau Tuesday Update

Date: 24 Sep 2013

Te Akau Tuesday Update

Karyn writes:

Just when you think Spring is settled in, we are about to be hit by a bad weather belt across the upper part of the North Island.  The improving tracks have given our team the springboard that they need to land firmly in the winners' circle.

Let's just hope that the right weather conditions can also help Emirates Team New Zealand bring the American's Cup home.  It's been nerve wracking to watch the New Zealand supporter' emotions s travel from confident certainty, to staunch belief, to nagging doubt.

If Oracle can sneak past Team New Zealand, it would have to be the biggest sporting comeback of all time.

It's another busy day today for the Matamata team with horses trialling at Te Teko.  At home we have been really excited with the news of our foals starting to be born.  We all love this time of the year, especially when they are due to come back to the farm.

Last year we were overwhelmed with filly foals - barely a colt to be seen.  This year we will be welcoming around 30 foals and of the half dozen born thus far only one is a filly, with colts being the order of the day.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful and caring messages of support for David - I can confirm that his open heart surgery took place yesterday at Mercy Hospital in Auckland and everything went well according to his surgeons.  He is currently in the intensive care unit but so far, so good.  We have such amazing medical professionals in this country, we are very lucky to be in their hands and under their care.


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