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Te Akau TV – Spotlight On Te Rapa Trials

5 Aug 2019

On the final Tuesday of July, the team took 48 horses to the trials at Te Rapa and we thought we’d take the cameras along with us so you could enjoy catching up on the team for the 2019/20 season.

We trialed our older more experienced horses – like Te Akau Shark and Melody Belle as their starting point to Spring campaigns into Australia alongside other older horses building towards the Hawke’s Bay & NZ Cup Week Carnivals. The trials play a crucial part in educating and preparing our horses, and building their fitness through competitive simulated gallops.

We learn a lot more about our horses’ progress under these conditions – with our experienced race horses, their performances tell us for example if they are ready to go to the races or whether perhaps they need more time to build their fitness before they are ready to race. We believe that a trial can bring a horse’s fitness along as much as two to three track gallops.

Check out some of the action as it happened through the day with some of our exciting tangerine team for the 2019/20 season!

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