Te Akau Weekend Trackwork

Date: 3 Sep 2022

Te Akau Weekend Trackwork


Te Akau trackwork highlights - Saturday 3 September - 



Mohawk Brave (T Harris) worked over an easy 1000 metres in 1.06.1, home in 38.3.

Fellini (M Roustoby) worked over an easy 1000 metres in 1.09.5, home in 39.8.

Espionage (R Shehaan) and Believe It Or Not (M Grylls) worked together over in 1000 metres in 1.03.7, home in 36.3.

Te Akau Caliburn (R Shehaan) and The Mighty Spar (M Roustoby) worked together over 1200 metres in 1.17.7, home in 36.1.

Prismatic (M Roustoby) and Trieste (B King) worked together over 1000 metres in 1.03.3, home in 37.

Boomer (M Grylls) worked over 800 metres at three quarter pace in 1.01, home in 46.

Lord Cosmos (M Roustoby) and Playing With Fire (R Shehaan) worked over an easy 1000 metres in 1.08.8, home in 39.5.


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