Te Akau Weekend Trackwork

Date: 30 Mar 2024

Te Akau Weekend Trackwork

Te Akau NZ track work highlights - Saturday 30 March:


Petrucci (N Parmar) worked over 1000 metres in 1.09.8, home in 37.68.

Move To Strike (T Melvin) and Unbridled Joy (N Parmar) worked over 1000 metres in 1.11.1, home in 39.9.

Captured By Love (J Allen) and The Victress (N Parmar) worked over 1000 metres in 1.09.1, home in 38.31.


Malmaison (A Pawar) worked over an easy 800 metres, home in 38.92.

2c I Am Invincible - Pecans (T Melvin) worked over 800 metres, home in 37.94.

Number Two Sand:

Insatiable (R Sheehan) and Valentine (T Melvin) worked over 1000 metres in 1.08.41, home in 38.29.

Balance Of Power (R Sheehan) and Aotea Lad (T Melvin) worked over 1200 metres in 1.26.7, home in 38.96.

Egyptian Queen (J Allen) worked over an easy 1000 metres in 1.08.5, home in 38.9.

Family Ties (J Allen) and Francee (N Parmar) worked over an easy. 1000 metres in 1.09.41, home in 39.23.

Main picture - Francee enjoying a swim


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