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Enzo Di Leoni

8 Jun 1998

Enzo Di Leoni

Equine Manager Te Akau Stud

From Uruguay, South America, Enzo started riding horses as a six-year-old and came to New Zealand in 2006.

His parents are doctors: father a surgeon and mother an anaesthetist, and while his brother and sister pursued careers in the medical field (brother is a world renowned heart surgeon and lives in Brazil, and sister is a chemist in Uruguay), Enzo followed his passion with horses.

After attending a farming high school and attaining a bachelor degree in farming, he gained a farm management degree at university. During that time, he started rodeo and became Uruguay bareback champion aged 19 and rode professionally until he was 22. His sabbatical brought him to New Zealand, and he never left.

Enzo manages a small team of people that cares for the horses at Te Akau Stud. He does a fair amount of breaking-in and all the handling of young horses born at the farm. His favourite activity is educating young horses and he also enjoys the breeding and feeding side of things, and taking care of horses that require recuperation from injury or illness.

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